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Shour aims to provide legal innovative solutions and services in the aspect of the Corporate and commercial sector especially startups and entrepreneurs. Whereby our significant expertise is related to the laws and regulations of the Corporate, Commercial, and Foreign Investment sector. Labor and Human Capital sector. Corporate Governance and Board of Directors Advisory. Capital Markets and Investments. Thus, Shour provides several services of legal Advisory & Studies, Contracts & Agreements, Litigations & Dispute resolution representation, managing legal Projects & Transactions with all its related services and procedures. You can explore more about our expertise and services through this profile.

Our Areas Of Expertise

We have a legal team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers and legal Counsel to provide legal Advisory and Studies services, Contracts and Agreements solutions, Litigation and disputes resolution procedures legal representation, and management of legal Projects and Transactions, through their legal backgrounds in the field of the following laws

Our Team

Shor has a highly professional specialized team working in providing legal and related services, such as providing consultations, drafting regulations and legislation, drafting agreements, and providing innovative legal solutions related to services in various legal fields, including, but not limited to; labor law, social insurance system, civil service system, government competitions and procurement system, copyright protection system, companies, business and foreign investment system.

Why Use Our Services?

We maintain the sustainability of the highest standards of law practices to achieve the legal protection of our clients.


We commit to meet the legal needs of our clients with top professionalism standards.


We provide legal services aligned with the rapidly changing business sector.


We mitigate the practical risks of our clients by providing innovative legal solutions.


We ensure transparency in the implementation of transactions and procedures to secure the rights of our clients.

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