Corporate, Commercial & Foreign Investment

Corporate, Commercial & Foreign Investment

Companies, foreign investment and trade licenses

1. Incorporation of companies.
2. Mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures.
3. Legal examination denying ignorance.
4. Restructuring,
5. Family businesses.
6. Amending articles of incorporation.
7. Business of foreign investors and foreign investment licensing services.
8. Services of commercial records, licenses and certificates with the concerned authorities.

intellectual property

1. Patents
2. Copyright and related rights
3. Trademarks and trade names
4. Industrial models
5. Layout designs of integrated circuits
6. Plant varieties and their protection
7. Intellectual Property Licensing Agreement.
8. Intellectual property objection and petition.

Business and commercial papers

1. Commercial agency and franchise contracts solutions.
2. Legal business of information technology smart solutions
3. Legal business for the retail and service sector
4. Commercial paperwork, including (checks, promissory notes and promissory notes).
5. Liquidation, bankruptcy and bankruptcy protection.
6. The service of outsourcing the work of the legal department.
7. Legal support for business and related regulations.
8. Legal actions of sole proprietorships and restructuring of their ownership